Film and TV

It's All About Perspective

So maybe you will see some John Travolta around Dallas after all.
This morning's Dallas Morning News boasts a front page "exclusive": Dallas, the movie version of the prime-time soap, will be shot in Dallas after all. OK, not all of it--just four weeks' worth out of the three months it's expected to take to make the thing--but, still, the Dallas Film Commission considers it a major victory. And Ed Bark says a month of shooting adds up to "quite a spell" for the production, which is expected to spread a few million across town during its fall shoot (though hardly the $30 mil Dallas expected if the city landed the entire shoot, which was never gonna happen given Texas' lack of incentives for film production). But I guess how big a victory you consider this depends upon where you're sitting: The Shreveport Times in Louisiana uses an Associated Press story, which includes a Monday KTVT-Channel 11 interview with Dallas Film Commission honcho Janis Burklund (begging the question: Was the DMN piece really an exclusive?), to tout the fact "Bulk of 'Dallas' to be filmed in Shreveport." After all, 20th Century Fox will be in Louisiana for most of the shoot--eight weeks, or twice the Dallas stay. So yay for us; guess some is better than none, which really oughta be the city's motto. --Robert Wilonsky