DPD Officer, Injured in Iraq, In Need of Help

This morning, KDFW ran a piece on Dallas Police Officer Andrew Litz, a 30-year-old assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division who came this close recently to having his utilities cut off. The reason: Litz hasn't been able to work for weeks, and, according to the department, he's exhausted all of his sick, vacation and comp -- which means he isn't getting paid, which means he and his wife Heather and their two kids (ages 4 and 5) are in dire straits.

Litz is on family medical leave at the moment. That's because in 2005, a year before he joined the force, he was serving in Iraq when his Humvee struck a land mine. When he was injured, according to the department's Facebook page this afternoon ...

... the military medical staff stated he was simply suffering from a bad concussion. Officer Litz has been suffering from severe migraines, making him extremely sick and unable to sleep. The doctors have now determined that he has a brain injury and are relating it back to the injury that was ruled a concussion while he was serving in Iraq. His situation has worsened.
The Assist the Officer Foundation is trying to help Litz and his family pay the bills. But money's tight. Hence a fund-raising car wash scheduled Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Lone Eagle Fighting Arts at 525 W. Arapaho Road in Richardson. Or you can make a donation directly to Assist the Officer, which makes sure all money goes directly to the family.