First Baptist's "Spiritual Haven [That] Matches the Splendor and Majesty of the Arts District"

I spent the better part of this morning virtually touring the First Baptist Dallas Web site devoted to its proposed $130-million "worship center" that will "embrace the church's historic past while boldly asserting its place in the Dallas skyline." That's quite a site too -- more short films than a film fest, including a nice history of the 141-year-old church, which will have its original steeple resurrected as part of the project. In the press release sent out yesterday, Robert Jeffress explains the need for the new venue:

"As I look around downtown Dallas, I see spectacular temples of commerce, culture and government -- many new, some restored to former glory, and all intended to stand for generations, and the Kingdom of God needs a house equal to them. ... Fifteen miles from our campus, Jerry Jones recently unveiled a new $1.2 billion temple to sports. If he can do this during these tough economic times, I believe God's people can build a church that provides a spiritual haven and matches the splendor and majesty of the Arts District."
The plan is to start construction next summer and have it done by 2013 -- "debt-free." Holy water, Batman!