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You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, But New Ordinance Will Make It Cheaper to Try

Back to the animal shelter for a second ...

One other thing interim assistant city manager Joey Zapata and I touched on briefly yesterday was an item on the council's agenda for next week involving the lowering of adoption fees at Dallas Animal Services. Because right now, it's kinda pricey for some: $85 for a dog, and $55 for a cat. Now, of course, that's a package deal: Those costs cover everything from vaccinations to sterilization to the microchip implant, which you don't just get at Baylor. Still. Not for everyone.

Council hopes to change that with a new ordinance that makes it a little less expensive -- for some, all the time; for everyone else, some of the time:

The proposed ordinance would amend Section 7-2.7 of the Dallas City Code to reduce the adoption fees to $43 for a dog and $27 for a cat if: (1) the dog or cat is at least six years of age; (2) the ultimate owner of the dog or cat will be a person who is 65 years of age or older as of the date of adoption; or (3) the adopter adopts two or more dogs and/or cats on the same date and as part of the same transaction and the adopter will be the ultimate owner of all of the animals adopted in the transaction.

The proposed ordinance would also allow the director to designate and advertise promotional adoption periods during which the adoption fees will be reduced to $43 for a dog and $27 for a cat. These promotional adoption periods may not exceed seven consecutive days, and no more than eight promotional adoption periods may be designated during a calendar year.
The new ordinance is on the other side. Jump. Now, roll over. Now, play dead.

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