DFW CEO Jeff Fegan Needs His Space And Will Pay Handsomely For It

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport CEO Jeff Fegan, pictured in the back row

About a month ago, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport CEO Jeff Fegan acknowledged that the airport's going through tough economic times like everyone else, thus necessitating a budget freeze and a halt on future expansion plans for the time being. (That's why PETA made this suggestion, as you no doubt recall.) But, whoops, now comes the news that Fegan and other DFW execs and board members dropped some half a million in loose change on big-ticket travel -- including first-class ducats and five-star hotels. But Fegan's got a good reason for the cushy expenditures so close to budget-cutting season: He's a tall man (see?), little over six feet, and needs his "physical space," as it's hard for "people of my size to sit in coach and sleep." Probably just should have said, "Oops, my bad. Where's my checkbook?" Still, $500,000? DISD laughs at your half a million. --Robert Wilonsky