If You Miss the Convention Center Hotel TV Debate Sunday, We Found the Best Line

Only yesterday, Merten mentioned that Crow Holdings' Anne Raymond and Mayor Tom Leppert would, finally, have theyselves a showdown concerning the convention center hotel -- and, for those needing a recap, the mayor's fer it, while Raymond's agin it, ahem. Dave Levinthal was there for the debate this morning, which was moderated by two fellow Belovians and which airs Sunday on the riveting, scintillating and otherwise wild, wooly and wacky Inside Texas Politics. This sneak peak, for those who will inevitably forget to spring ahead on Sunday morning, when the show runs at 9 on WFAA-Channel 8.

To set the scene, Raymond just said the citizens absolutely need a vote if taxpayers are expected to be "on the hook for half a billion dollars of debt." Mr. Mayor, your turn:

Said Leppert, noting that the City Council is elected to make big decisions for Dallas: "This idea that everybody votes for everything -- it sounds great back in New England in the 1700s."