ACS to Let Georgians Know Their Rights After Betraying Their Trust

Last month, Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services lost a computer disc containing confidential information about 2.9 million Georgians. And, by last Friday, it still hadn't been found, said the commissioner of Georgia's Department of Community Health. But it's not like the disc contains terribly important info -- just some Social Security numbers, birth dates and addresses of people on Medicaid and those receiving low-cost health insurance for children. Nothing big.

The commish still wants an explanation from ACS, since it's responsible for "the biggest loss ever of personal information compiled by state government," reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Nonetheless, ACS has been ordered by Georgia officials to write everyone whose info was in the disc "to let them know what their rights are." Not having a company that wants to pocket $10 billion in revenue by 2010 lose your personal shit used to be one of those rights. --Robert Wilonsky