Dallas ISD Has Reportedly Fired Cristy Nicole Deweese, its Spanish-Teaching Playboy Model

Dallas ISD still won't comment on the case of Cristy Nicole Deweese, the 21-year-old teacher whose Playboy-modeling past came to the attention of the Internet last weekend. The evidence, however, suggests that she was fired on October 10.

Piece of evidence No. 1: There is a Facebook page calling for Deweese's reinstatement, created by occasional Playboy model Liz Ashley. On the one hand, it states clearly that Deweese "was fired today from her teaching position for her playboy pictorial published years ago" and urges followers to help a "damsel in distress." On the other, it's Facebook.

Piece of evidence No. 2: She wrote "They fired me!" in a text message to the TV gossip magazine Inside Edition. Pretty solid, but would be more more so had she texted a credible news organization.

Piece of evidence No. 3: She is relaunching her modeling career. In her Model Mayhem profile, she writes, "I've been modeling since I was 12, quit for a while to pursue teaching and now I'm back." She has also joined Twitter, where she thanks Ashley for creating the Facebook page and everyone else for "the support."

"I am unable to make comments at this moment but I'd like you all to know that I appreciate the love!" she writes.

That sounds like the tweet of someone who's found themselves a lawyer, which is not something that people who have willfully separated from their jobs tend to have. But that's just tea-leaf reading. To get confirmation from DISD, we'll have to wait a couple of weeks for them to fulfill our open records request, and even then they may not say who broke up with whom.