One of these people is Anna Kournikova. The other's a guy who claims this is "work."

Sorry I'm late getting to Tony Romo's weekly coronation. Yesterday I was still basking in a hangover from my date with Anna Kournikova. More on that next week. For now, back to our crush on the latest, greatest (?) quarterback in the history of America's Team.

At Sunday's upset of the undefeated Indianapolis Colts, I saw a sign with four words I never envisioned seeing at Texas Stadium: "Not In Romo's House." And this morning, a crafty column by Tim Cowlishaw in Dallas' Only Daily (which, of course, isn't anywhere to be found on the paper's new Web site) trumpets Romo's chances of earning a trip to Hawaii and the NFL Pro Bowl. In a word: Wow.

Since Drew Bledsoe was benched a month ago, Romo is one blocked field goal from being 4-0 as a starter. The Cowboys have climbed back into a tie for first place in the NFC East, following the New York Giants' loss last night. Romo outplayed Peyton Manning. Shoot, he even makes the fall leaves look more splendid, and you just know Thursday's turkey is going to be more succulent. "Had we expected this," admits Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, "we'd a had him in there from the get-go. I tell ya, it goes beyond anything I or anyone could've imagined."

Suddenly, the Cowboys are a confident kicker away from again being legit Super Bowl contenders. But, of course, Mike Vanderjagt--hey, you were warned--has hit three right uprights this season and is on the verge of a serious case of the yips. Asked for a solution, Jones offers, "Well, I don't think it impacts him to stare at him real hard, do you? That hasn't worked. Because I've tried." With the woeful NFC's powers toppling all around them, the Cowboys need only to win four of their last six to clinch a playoff spot and likely win their division. Of those six, they will be favored in five. That is, if they can protect their new superstar: Tony Romo. Seriously now, whoda thunkit? --Richie Whitt