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Turns Out We May Not Be Done With Fighting Over Redistricting Map After All

And here Anna thought she was done with redistricting. Hah!

A Friend of Unfair Park just sent us an invite to wingding Domingo Garcia's throwing at Tejano Restaurant on West Davis scheduled to kick off at 6:30 p.m. Says the come-one-come-all signed by the redistricting commissioner:

"The Dallas city council on Wednesday passed a new city council map that creates only two Latino opportunity districts and will possibility put at risk two other districts. We need to have a forum to stop this plan and raise funds for a lawsuit against the city of Dallas. Please join us this Monday at 6:30pm at Tejano's Restaurant at 110 W. Davis,Dallas,TX. Forward this to your friends and familia! Plans may include city wide protests and other actions. We can not allow our community to be taken advantage of by being under represented."
When contacted moments ago at his law office, Garcia said if the city sends to the Department of Justice the map it approved last week, then "we're looking at a full-on concerted effort" to keep the DOJ from approving it, based, he said, on "clear violations of the Voting Rights Act." He also promised a lawsuit if it's sent to DOJ -- though, as redistricting commissioner, he wouldn't be able to sue the city. Still, plenty of others have offered to go to the courthouse.

"It's clear the demographics have changed so dramatically there should be at least five Hispanic opportunity district, and the map, in our opinion creates, create only two," he reiterates. "Redistricting is inherently political. And incumbents are inherently protective of their re-election prospects. And what we saw last week was just incumbency becoming the No. 1 issue as opposed to fairness, compactness and adhering to the Voting Rights Act."

Word also is Hispanic leaders have been meeting with the mayor to discuss retooling last week's approved map. Paula Blackmon, Mayor Mike Rawlings's chief of staff, says: That's true. "Yes," she tells Unfair Park this afternoon, "the mayor has spoken with members of the Latino community regarding the approved map." I asked: Does this mean he could call another special redistricting meeting before the map has to be turned in by Saturday? "There are still four, five more days until the map has to be turned in," she says, "so there's always that possibility." Anna has cleared her schedule accordingly.