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American Idle: Breaking A Morning Sweat Just Standing Around Cowboys Stadium

The parking lots in front of the Cowboys Stadium were full up by 6 this morning, as people flocked towards the stadium, registrations in hand to try out for the next season of American Idol.

Some were dressed in flamboyant, eye-opening ensembles; others, in nightclub and house-party attire. Idol camera crews paced up and down the lines, rousing the crowd for good footage. But that was pretty much the extent of the activity from outside the stadium. There was very little singing: Many contestants, it seemed, wanted to preserve their voices for the judges. One girl courageously performed for a camera crew, but forget her lines mid-verse. The press wasn't invited indoors, so you'll have to wait until the show airs on TV to find out what happened once they got inside.

Check out more photos from the long line of future stars here in our slide show complete with would-be's bios, not to mention someone claiming to be impregnated with Zac Efron's love child, ahem. And, after the jump you'll find a brief video to set the scene.