Former Cowboys Share Fond Memories. Peter King Shares Gloom, Doom.

A month ago, we noted that gave the great Frank Luksa space to serve up his Top 10 favorite Texas Stadium memories. Turns out, it was but a prelude to a longer look back: Today comes word that Luksa and the great Drew Pearson have co-authored a small-press book titled Remembering Texas Stadium, in which they get such classic Cowboys as Randy White, Bob Lilly, Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett to share their own favorite memories of the stadium soon to go bye-bye as it morphs into the site for "the reinvention of Irving."

In related Cowboys news: Peter King of Sports Illustrated notes that the signing of receiver Roy Williams last week could be the precursor to a labor lockout in 2011. Also, regarding the Cowboys' slide into dysfunction, King notes this: "[Jerry] Jones stridently said that Wade Phillips' job is not endangered after losing 34-14 to the Rams. But he also told me, just as stridently, that he would not be trading for a wide receiver nine days before he dealt for Williams." --Robert Wilonsky