Maybe Nastia Will Get Another Gold After All. Doubt It, But, Still.

At this very moment, Nastia Liukin's on her way to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport for a 4:15 p.m. press conference -- where, no doubt, the Parker-living, Plano-training Olympian will be asked about stories circulating today concerning the age of Chinese gymnast He Kexin, who controversially outscored Liukin to take gold in the uneven bars earlier this week.

Long before the Olympics, there were concerns that He and Jiang Yuyuan were younger than 16, the minimum age for Olympic eligibility since 1997, as The New York Times noted in July. But no one had the goods proving they were underage -- that is, till a security consultant named Mike Walker did some digging and uncovered documents he says prove He is only 14 -- which would mean she'd have to forfeit her medals. And that would mean Liukin's silver turns to gold. Sure, like that'll happen: The Associated Press more or less reported the same thing earlier this month, and the International Olympics Committee didn't really seem to care. --Robert Wilonsky