With Ten Percent of the Precincts Reporting...

Our Man Downtown Matt Pulle reports: Ten percent of the precincts have reported in, and Leppert's still holding strong with 29 percent of the votes (9,338 votes). Oakley's pulled up to 20 percent of the vote, with 6,508 votes counted so far. Don Hill remains in third, with 12.61 percent, or 4,060 votes. And Max Wells is right on Hill's tail, with 12.34 percent of the votes so far, which adds up to 3,972 votes.

That's a total of 32,184 votes counted so far. Incidentally, Leppert seems to be doing well in the Southern sector -- not as well as Hill, but his are more than respectable numbers thus far. Good night, Gary, Sam and Darrell. It's been fun. Thanks for playing. --Robert Wilonsky