"Oil Can" Boyd Would Like a Do-Over

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd's big-league career ended, where else, in Arlington. About halfway through 1991 season, the Texas Rangers acquired the pitcher from the Montreal Expos -- only to see the righty go 2-7 in 12 starts and toss out a 6.68 ERA, highest in his career. After that, he was out of the majors. But at 49, Boyd's looking to make a comeback, insisting that he's now throwing in the mid-90s while on his way to becoming this generation's Satchel Paige.

He's been tossing the ball at Boston Red Sox fantasy camp of late. And there, says six-season Rangers catcher Mike Stanley, he's hurling fastballs and flashbacks: "He looks no different to me now than when I caught him in Texas. He still has the same passion. I don't know if he was getting to 90 because we didn't have a gun, but he still had the same stuff. The same tight slider, curve, fastball." Sounds perfect for Your Texas Rangers.