Stay or Go? Cue The Clash, 'Cuz Tuna Ain't Talkin'

Go down, Moses, and say let our Cowboys go.

Bill Parcells, Dallas Cowboys hostage crisis, Day 13:

Obviously he's staying. Shows up for work at Valley Ranch every day, and ESPN's Chris Mortensen, one of his few media buddies, is saying that Parcells will announce his decision to stay by Monday.

Obviously he's going. He let trusted assistants like Mike Zimmer and David Lee walk out the door, and now comes word that special teams coach Bruce DeHaven is interviewing in Seattle.

On a conference call with reporters this week CBS' Phil Simms said Parcells is leaving. So did close friend Pat Summerall, whom Parcells has abruptly stopped talking to in the wake of his public prediction.

Bottom line: We haven't a clue. But we've had enough.

What we do know is that last season has already melted into this season. The Senior Bowl is next

week and Cowboys scouts are headed to Alabama not knowing what in the hell they're doing. Are they looking for big, tough Parcells' guys? Or fast, skilled players more suited for somebody else's style? Do the Cowboys need defensive linemen for a 4-3? Or linebackers for a 3-4?

We also know this: Regardless of his decision, Parcells is one of the most selfish people to walk our planet. A decision to coach America's Team shouldn't take 13 minutes, much less 13 days. Tom Landry coached here for 29 years. After he was fired by Jerry Jones in 1989, it took him less than two hours to pack up his stuff and say his goodbyes.

Common sense says Parcells is staying. You don't go to work at a place where, well, you no longer want to work. But common sense also says Parcells should go. Jones has asked Parcells to marry him, and the coach is keeping the owner on bended knee for 13 days...and counting... --Richie Whitt