Tom Corea's Wife Attacked His Mistress, Rammed Her Car Through a Garage

Because the Tom Corea saga just wasn't train-wrecky enough, we bring you another dispatch from Ellis County, where, if you'll recall, Corea was recently indicted for attacking his wife and interfering with a 911 call. This incident occurred on October 28, 2011 and involves Corea's wife, 41-year-old Jennifer Corea.

According to a Waxahachie PD incident report and a probable cause affidavit filed in Ellis County, Jennifer Corea took a trip that afternoon to the Waxahachie home of her husband's mistress. The idea was to confront the woman, who is not identified in the affidavit and who Waxahachie PD spokesman Lt. Todd Woodruff declined to name in summarizing the police report, which is exactly what Corea did.

According to the affidavit, Corea forced her way into the woman's home, where a fight ensued. The mistress was eventually able to force Corea out of the house, at which point Corea hopped in her SUV, backed it across the street, and gunned it. The SUV smashed into the back of the mistress' car, sending it through the closed garage door. Police estimated the damage at $15,000.

Corea was arrested and charged with criminal mischief over $1,500 and burglary of a habitation. (Woodruff said Corea didn't steal anything but was hit with a non-theft burglary charge). She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to deferred adjudication in July.

The puzzling thing here is that there are multiple women (Corea, the unnamed mistress, the girlfriend with the legal files in her apartment) vying for, and fighting over, Tom Corea, who's clearly not quite the catch they think he is.