Child Pornography Arrests in Hurst Include a 17-Year-Old Posing as a Sixth Grader

Randy Ray Wesson and Ricardo Javid Lugo have been arrested by detectives from the Hurst Police Department after a search of Fort Worth home revealed a "large amount of evidence of child pornography and exploitation of children," according to Hurst Police.

Cops say Wesson posed as Lugo's father in August in order to enroll him at Hurst Hills Elementary School in Hurst. Despite Lugo's enrollment documents appearing to verify that he was 12, police say he is actually 17

School officials at Hurst Hills, where Lugo was enrolled as a sixth grader, released the following statement:

"There was no indication that the student's records were forged or that the student was too old to attend elementary school. The student's behavior at school also did not raise any concerns."

Wesson forged Lugo's enrollment documents, police say, so he's been charged with tampering with government records in addition to possession with intent to promote child pornography and sale or display of harmful material. Lugo has only been charged with possession of child pornography.

Hurst detectives say that preliminary information indicates there might be multiple victims in North Texas. As the investigation continues, Hurst Police urge anyone who has been in contact with Wesson or Lugo and has concerns about their children to call the department.