David Dewhurst Is Deeply Disturbed by "A Night of 1,000 Vaginas!"

Nothing gets the cash flowing into a Texas Republican's re-election campaign quite like a plot by coastal liberal elites to turn Texas into a dystopian failed state that will probably be powered by aborted fetuses. So the fundraising email Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst sent on Wednesday urging supporters to "stand with me today and stop Hollywood from its destructive liberal behavior" by donating to his campaign was to be expected.

Dewhurst, though, isn't sounding a general alarm about the evils of California. His plea for cash is pegged to a very specific event, a comedy show scheduled for tonight in Los Angeles to raise money to fight Texas abortion restrictions.

"That's right, Hollywood believes so strongly in ending innocent life, that it's using jokes to raise money to fund abortions," Dewhurst writes. "It's disturbing that people who don't even reside in Texas feel the need to change our laws, and use comedy as a way to raise money for a medical procedure that can deeply harm the health of a woman, not to mention end an innocent life."

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"There is nothing funny about abortions," he adds elsewhere.

Nowhere in his email or the associated petition does Dewhurst reference the event by its name, which, for the record is "A Night of 1,000 Vaginas!"

We can only speculate that Dewhurst would make such a key omission because the thought of female genitalia makes him squeamish. Anyhow, it seems like a real leader should at least be able to name his foe.

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