Will Johnson's Selling Beer Cans

Will Johnson's recycling his beer cans for a very worthwhile cause: paying for a friend's funeral.

No doubt DC9 will include among its weekend picks Will Johnson's solo show tonight at Dan's Sliverleaf in Denton; he's sharing a bill with Sarah Jaffe, for which you should need no further recommendation. But we point your attention to our old friend for another reason (or two): At this very moment, Johnson is auctioning off a collection of 10 beer-can paintings he made all by his lonesome -- and "all are signed and dated by Will in finest, high grade, black Sharpie," notes the eBay site where they're currently resting at the $455 mark after nine bids thus far.

There are still nine days left to bid, and the money's going toward a worthy cause: covering the cost of burying The Silos bassist, guitarist and singer Drew Glackin, who died January 5 without health insurance. And in other Centro-matic news, courtesy Captain's Dead we discover that for the forthcoming twofer Dual Hawks the band is looking for fans to write a why-come in exchange for grand prizes. Instructions and explanation at Captain's Dead, where you'll also find a six-song Centro-matic and Will J. sampler for those still in need of an intro, God forbid. --Robert Wilonsky