Know These Men? Dallas PD Has Two Videos It Would Like You to Watch This Morning.

Back to back, the Dallas Police Department sent two videos this morning while wondering: Do you recognize these suspects? The man in the video above -- thought to be somewhere between 25 and 30 years old, 5-foot-5 and around 140 to 150 pounds -- is actually suspected in 11 robberies in North Dallas, says the department, beginning with a Christmas Eve hold-up at a retailer at the intersection of Preston and Alpha. From Senior Corporal Kevin Janse:

The suspect presents a note to the cashier stating this is a holdup. The note is written on a check register. The suspect acts as if he has a weapon under his clothing. It is also believed the suspect has committed robberies in other cities within the metroplex. ,The last offense was on February 13, 2011, and it occurred in the 10600 block of W. Northwest Highway.
The clip above was taken during a robbery at the T-Mobile store at 3600 Frankford Road near Midway on February 9. DPD's actually holding a noon-thirty press conference to offer more details. As always, "If anyone recognizes the suspect or has any information, please contact the Crimes Against Persons Robbery Unit at 214-671-3638 or Crime Stoppers."

Update at 11:30 a.m.: Janse sends along a more detailed description of the man's modus operandi and a list of the robberies in which he's a suspect.

Wearing all black clothes and a dark colored hoodie. Presents a note which is inside a blue checkbook. Conceals unknown weapon in his pocket. Possibly a gun. Most robberies have occurred in North Central division. One occurred this weekend in NE Division.

1. Burger Street 13612 Preston Road 350776X 12/24/10 Bt. 635

2. Planet Tan 14902 Preston Road 001679Y 01/02/11 Bt. 632

3. Jason's Deli 3628 Frankford Road 007754Y 01/09/11 Bt. 616

4. Palm Tan 4805 Frankford Road 010168Y 01/12/11 Bt. 614

5. Destination Maternity 5539 L B J Freeway 010959Y 01/13/11 Bt. 633
6. Nothing Bundt Cakes 10720 Preston Road 012472Y 01/15/11 Bt. 652

7. Quiznos 18101 Preston Road 014509Y 01/17/11 Bt. 621

8. Pier One Imports 13710 Dallas Parkway 023020Y 01/27/11 Bt. 631

9. CVS #5963 15105 Preston Road 033892Y 02/09/11 Bt. 625

10. T-Mobile 3628 Frankford Road 034698Y 02/09/11 Bt. 613

On the other side, a criminal takes his sweet time.

At first, it looks like the man in this video's moving into the Alta Lofts's business center -- or about to change clothes (or at least put on some underwear). Or something. But according to the Dallas Police Department, matter of fact in the wee small hours of February 3 the man -- "a white male in his early 50's, 6'0", weighing around 250 pounds with a bald head" -- spent an hour inside the place before finally stealing two computers, as you'll see toward the end.

DPD's also asking for the public's help trying to crack the case: "Anyone with information about this offense or the identity of this suspect is asked to contact the Northwest Investigative Unit at (214) 670-6043."