Can I Get a Standing Wave?

Speaking of the Trinity River Corridor Project ....

On Tuesday, the Dallas City Council's Trinity River Corridor Project Committee will more or less get an update on the entirety of the project -- good timing too, of course, given that Santiago Calatava will be in town by week's end for the $150-a-pop shindig on the Continental Bridge, and it's good to prepare in advance when company comes.

And if I read this ongoing-components summary correctly, the $16-million in-channel standing wave structure is now on the fast track. Which is especially interesting given that City Manager Mary Suhm's proposal capital improvement budget, which goes tangible following the council's vote on Wednesday, doesn't call for a penny to be spent on the whitewater simulator for at least four years. See Page 132 of the capital improvement budget, near the very top. More on that tomorrow, I should think.

Update at 4:30 p.m.:
I saw Mary Suhm this morning at Cowboys Stadium and interrupted her Dan Brown long enough to ask what the what's up with the Standing Wave getting the early go-head? Like, who's paying for this, since there's only a million left in the capital improvement budget to pay for this and no further expenditures scheduled for at least the next four fiscal years? To which she said, someone else is paying for this. Who, she would not say. "Confidential" was the word she used. Oh, really?