Only 73 Precincts Left to Go...

Here's where it stands, before it totally collapses: Tom Leppert's got 27.24 percent of the vote, which translates to 19,080 votes -- out of 70,045 counted thus far. Ed Oakley's got himself 20.44 percent of the vote, or nearly 5,000 fewer than Jordan at 14,314. As for Hill and Wells, well, they're still hanging in but not by much -- Hill with 13.85 percent (9,702) and Wells with 12.25 percent (8,578).

Now I just want to know who the 95 write-in votes were for.

Oh, and Pulle just pulled an audible and went to Don Hill's campaign HQ in Oak Cliff instead, where Hill's expected to give a speech -- a concession speech? -- any second now. Hill's HQ, incidentally, is an old car dealership off IH-35 and R.L. Thornton Freeway, and at this very moment, some dude's playing Earth, Wind & Fire on a keyboard. That doesn't sound like the behavior of a winner to me. --Robert Wilonsky