When Opportunity Knocks...

I'm not saying the prospect of being on a reality show isn't a little bit tempting, but there are limits. Wanna be one of seven strangers picked to live in a house? Fine. You'll probably get all kinds of ass courtesy of MTV for the rest of your life. Wanna be trapped on an island for a month with a bunch of other crazies? Sure. You'll lose that last 10 pounds and earn bragging rights after eating cow eyeballs. But do you honestly, honestly want to parade around your badly behaved children and incompetent parenting efforts for the world to see in prime time?

Something tells me you do, or ABC wouldn't be gearing up for Supernanny 3, the show that features no-nonsense British nanny Jo Frost in her smart little suits correcting smart-assed little children. If your heart's desire really is to have a permanent record made of your broken family, you're in luck. Supernanny casting directors will be at Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth this Sunday for a "meet and greet" with potential show subjects. Probably gonna be more like a "meet and scream, spank, bite, tear, bawl, hit," but whatever.

Show up between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., and if your family has Supernanny potential, you may join the two other Dallas-area families who were featured on the show in past seasons. As casting producer Lisa Shannon wrote in an e-mail: "We have a history of good luck finding families in need of Supernanny in Texas."

I guess that translates roughly to "Ya'll got some effed-up kids in the Lone Star State." --Andrea Grimes