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In Addition to a Sam's Club, Cityplace Neighbors to Get Delightful Implosion

As the East Village Association awaits the latest turn in its court fight to keep Trammell Crow from building a Sam's Club discount store near the intersection of Haskell Avenue and U.S. 75, the developer sent the group, along with the rest of the property's neighbors, notice of its intent to destroy the Xerox office building that sits there.

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"The explosive felling or 'implosion' of [the building]" has been set for Super Bowl Sunday, February 1 at 8 a.m. Scott Dyche, Crow's general counsel, promises a series of loud but brief explosions, followed by a temporary cloud of dust. Removal of the rubble created by the implosion is expected to take three or four weeks.

Neighbors and onlookers are welcomed to watch the demolition from anywhere outside the ominous sounding "exclusion zone." Central Expressway will be closed in both directions in addition to the streets surrounding the property.

This news seems like as good an excuse as any to repost the awesome Texas Stadium implosion video:

Crow Letter to East Village Association