City Hall

Mary Suhm Tells City Council She Did Nothing Wrong in Park-Drilling Deal: A Live Blog

On Friday, we told you about a memo Mary Suhm sent to the City Council, in which she insisted that she had "had the authority to sign a non-binding letter with Trinity East," the company which has been trying so very hard to drill in city-owned park land and floodplains for the last five years or so. Curiously, this letter never reached the light of day before our Jim Schutze wrote about it earlier this month. Also curious: A 22-acre tract of land, known as the Radio Tower Tract, somehow made it into the land that was leased to Trinity East, despite not being part of the original lease approved by City Council.

Today, as Suhm outlined in the memo, she and the City Attorney's Office will strenuously insist that she did nothing wrong and certainly did not overstep her authority by signing that letter. As for the Radio Tower Tract, it looks from the Powerpoint presentation she's giving that she'll say that that land wasn't included in the original lease "due to a lag, by outside sources, in updating real estate databases and inventory lists."

These assurances aside, some Council members -- most notably Angela Hunt and Scott Griggs -- seem pretty steamed about the whole thing. That sounds like fun. We'll be live blogging the whole thing in the comments section below. You go get that popcorn ready.