You Can Now Hop on DART's New Website

Must be the season for new websites -- first Dallas Independent School District, now Dallas Area Rapid Transit. Morgan Lyons, spokesman for the transit agency, sends word this morning: The old URL directs you to a spiffed-up site, where, he writes, "We've tried to open the look and put a greater emphasis on customer tools." As in:

Trip planners have been streamlined. You'll also find new desktop versions of mobile applications (developed in-house) that help customers use their smartphones to find the nearest DART stop and track the progress of their bus. In a few weeks we'll introduce similar tools for DART Rail. A text-message tool, usable by anyone who can send or receive SMS messages will be out soon too.
Perhaps DISD should have included a three-minute how-to video; still having trouble finding stuff there. DART, less so. Jump for the video.