No Stopping the Stop-Light Cams? That's ACS's Official Position.

One more follow-up to the red-light camera ruling: Moments ago, Kevin Lightfoot, vice president of corporate communications for Affiliated Computer Services, shot us his company's statement concerning 192nd Civil District Court Judge Craig Smith's order of November 19. Lightfoot also provides an update concerning further legal doings in Smith's courtroom in coming days, because this thing's far from over. His statement is after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

Thought I would drop you a note to add that yesterday morning, Judge Craig Smith ruled that he is reconsidering his November 19th order. He asked for briefs from the parties regarding his reconsideration by Friday, December 5, and he'll rule afterwards.

We are confident that the information which will be provided by ACS in its briefing will support ACS' position and aid the Court in reconsidering this matter. No ruling in this case is final and ACS will continue to defend its position. Furthermore, there has been no ruling that any red light ticket is null and void as reported and we don't expect such a ruling. ACS looks forward to clarifying this situation in court and to continuing to provide the highest quality service our clients.