The Black Widow's Been Arrested. First Time Too, Go Figure.

News 14 Carolina
The long and sordid past of "Black Widow" Sandra Bridewell finally caught up with her today.

News flash: A television station in Charlotte, North Carolina, is reporting today that Sandra Camille Bridewell -- better known as the Black Widow when she was in Dallas -- was arrested during an undercover sting by law enforcement officers at a Dean and Deluca coffee shop. The station, News 14 Carolina, reports she is being held on forgery charges. Looking thin in a green shirt and brown pants, and with her hair stringy, Bridewell said nothing to police or News 14 reporter Lisa Reyes, except that she knew her rights and wanted an attorney.

Bridewell has been the subject of a few cover stories in the paper version of Unfair Park over the years, including "Return of the Black Widow" and another headlined "Seduction of the Saints." When we last wrote about her, Bridewell was posing as a missionary. She has been a suspect in the murder of her third husband and a female best friend and has been accused of fraud numerous times, but this is the first time she has been arrested, as far as we can tell.

The sting was prompted by accusations that Bridewell, who was going under her maiden name, Camille Powers, defrauded an elderly woman with whom she was living in Brunswick County, North Carolina. While trying to buy an expensive house, Bridewell aroused the suspicions of a local realtor who Googled her and discovered her long and bizarre history of deception. The woman's family then contacted police. --Glenna Whitley