Romo, Built in a Day

If this guy is the quarterback of the future, Quincy Carter just got a free pass to the Hall of Fame.

Tug the reigns on the Tony Romo bandwagon. That means you, overzealous and obnoxious Dallas Cowboys fan. And you guys, Romo's agent and Tony's third cousin, chill. And especially you, Mr. Nonsensical Media, better known as Randy Galloway.

Lemme get this straight: As your starting quarterback you have Drew Bledsoe, who's one more solid season away from the Hall of Fame. But as soon as a backup who was signed as an undrafted free agent out of Division I-AA Eastern Illinois goes 19 of 25 throwing to somebody named Sam Hurd in a meaningless preseason opener, you're jumping up and down, labeling training camp "Camp Romo" and declaring a quarterback controversy? Puh-leeeze. Really, how can you take seriously the opinions of a guy who screws up the TV affiliation of one of his own partners? "Except Bledsoe," Galloway writes, "who didn't play in Seattle, but told Channel 5's Steve Dennis after the game he 'certainly expects to start' Monday night in Shreveport." Last time I checked, which was, like, six minutes ago, Dennis not only worked for KTVT-Channel 11, but sometimes alongside Galloway on ESPN-FM (103.3).

Back to the faux controversy, there is none. The Cowboys are merely assessing how sucky they'll be if their shoddy offensive line can't keep the 34-year-old Bledsoe healthy. From what I saw at training camp in Oxnard, California, there's no way Romo was inching toward Drew's starting spot. The scenario begs for criticism, just not controversy. See, the time to see Romo in action was last year, in the meaningless Week 16 finale after Dallas had been eliminated from the playoffs. But, seriously, let's go through the list of things Romo does better than Bledsoe.

1) He's mobile.

2) That's it.

Owner Jerry Jones was gushing last week about how the Cowboys could get lucky and land their quarterback of the future (Romo) without having to spend a high draft pick. But let's face it, you're smarter than most fans and Romo's acquaintances and even Galloway. All this Romo raving is just a smokescreen to keep us from annoying the Cowboys with real questions about real players, like T.O. Which reminds me, what's up with T.O.? --Richie Whitt