A D.C. Businessman Illegally Funded Hillary Clinton "Street Teams" in 2008 Texas Primary, Feds Say

Remember all of the awesome details from the 2008 Democratic primary race in Texas between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? No? Weird. Well the short version of that story is that Clinton won Texas. The longer version is that a businessman from Washington D.C spent hundreds of thousands of secret money in Texas in the effort to help Clinton win.

The Washington Post broke that piece of news. The paper reports that a New York marketing executive spent more than $608,000 trying to get Texans to support Hillary Clinton. The money went to "street teams" that would distribute Hillary Clinton posters, stickers and yard signs. None of it was reported to the Federal Elections Commission.

The guy accused of funneling the street-team funds to the New York marketing executive is Jeffrey E. Thompson, a D.C. businessman who is already kind of a big deal in the district for his alleged role in a bunch of other corruption scandals.

It's hard to compete for attention when you're a local government sharing a city with the national government, but the D.C. City Council is sure trying. Since 2012, three D.C. Council members have pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges, and federal prosecutors have since turned their attention to the mayor, a guy named Vincent C. Gray.

A grand jury is now investigating Thompson for his role in Gray's 2010 campaign, which he's also accused of funneling secret money into. Maybe Thompson's not corrupt so much as just interested in financing elections but also really shy.

Federal prosecutors did nab that New York marketing executive caught in the middle. Troy White, who allegedly took Thompson's money to give to the Texas pro-Hillary Clinton street teams, pleaded guilty on the charges today.

So if you saw a lot of kids with clipboards handing out free Hillary Clinton bumper stickers at farmer's markets in 2008, this may explain it.