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Have Hat-Cam, Will Travel Over the Calatrava Bridge (Plus Bonus Footage of Jim's Dogs)

They finally opened up the new Calatrava bridge to vehicular traffic today, so I jumped in my pickup and went down there to drive on it. As you know, there were many delays getting it open. The bridge connects the far northwest corner of downtown with West Dallas on the other side of the river.

I wore my hat-cam so I could share the experience with you loyal Unfaironians. Here's a little video I made out of it.

You will see at the beginning that I took some special precautions, just because I had done a lot of reporting on some of the construction problems with the bridge. Maybe I should have edited that out, after I found I found out I wasn't going to actually fall off the side of the thing like they were worried about for a while. But I'm not that good yet with Windows Moviemaker.

I have absolutely no idea why the stuff with my dogs is in there. I just had the hat cam turned on, and I didn't know how to turn it off.

So here we go! Bon voyage to us!