Adamson Alumni Gathering for Last-Minute Appeal to Dallas ISD Trustees Tomorrow Night

Those trying to keep the Dallas Independent School District from razing W.H. Adamson High School have put out the word: Tomorrow's the last chance to speak up before the board votes on the resolution to quash historical designation. It's on the consent agenda for tomorrow, and Adamson alumni are marshalling forces, if the e-mails I've been sent throughout the day are any indication. Says one, which reminds that speakers for tomorrow need to sign up before 5 p.m. today, "We're hoping for a big crowd at tomorrow's board meeting." Hence the call to arms, which came with a handy-dandy history-of recounting the fight to this point. One Friend of Unfair Park writes by way of summary:

If DISD is successful, it will throw our application before the City Council. We are cautiously optimistic that the Landmark and Planning and Zoning Commissions will vote for Landmark status. DISD's opposition will then force our application in front of the City Council. To win at the Council, we must have a super majority on our side, a difficult thing to do.

That is why many, many graduates need to be present to show support for preserving the building. If we are successful tomorrow, Adamson's Landmark status is virtually assured. Landmark status means no one, not even DISD will be able to change any exterior feature without permission from the Landmark Commission. They can bring the interior up to current standards so students get their education in the best possible environment, but that is all.