There is Now a White House Petition For Dallas to Become its Own State

As Texas awaits official word from the White House on that whole secession thing, which has 94,000 supporters and counting, some in the state aren't sure they want to live in the Republic of Texas, Part Deux. There's a petition for the city of Austin to remain part of the U.S., and that request for an Obama endorsement of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel for the Heisman I think can pretty much be taken as a plea to remain in the union.

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Now, it's Dallas' turn. A gentleman by the name of Austin M. filed a We the People petition yesterday upping the ante. Not only does he want Dallas to remain part of the U.S. of A., he wants it to become its own state.

"This would give the people of Dallas a way to create their own state legislature and perhaps bring Dallas back to the vibrant city it once was," the petition explains, not mentioning the added benefit of not being annexed by Oklahoma.

So far, it's slow going. The petition has exactly one signature: Austin M.'s.