Dallas PD Catches (Alleged) NW Dallas Burglar

Twice in recent weeks the Dallas Police Department has dispatched surveillance footage of a bald, back-packing man creeping around homes near Midway and Walnut Hill in Northwest Dallas -- the man initially ID'd only as the Lively Lane Prowler. He now has a name, according to an email we just received from DPD spokesman Senior Corporal Kevin Janse: 50-year-old Rickey Lynn White.

Per Janse, "as a result of the media broadcast and YouTube release" of those videos, "we received a number of tips as to the identity of the suspect. One individual was able to positively identify the suspect and as a result, detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant for the charge of burglary for the following person." White was arrested at 8 this morning not far from the scene of the crimes: on Constance Street, near Marsh and Walnut Hill. Says Janse, "Detectives will continue to investigate to see if they are able to charge him with other offenses, but as of now he faces the one burglary charge." County criminal records show White's been arrested numerous times, in Dallas and Fort Worth, on burglary charges, beginning in 2003; in most cases he received probation. He's now in Dallas County jail. Again.