Not a Very Super Survey, or: What Did Arlington Ever Do to Competitive Edge Research?

San Diego-based Competitive Edge Research's has been doing a Super Bowl Host City Image Study since Super Bowl XXXVII. Sometimes, says the study, a Super Bowl makes a city looks good -- like, really improves its image across the country (see: San Diego, Tampa). And sometimes, a Super Bowl don't mean much to the host city (s'up, Houston?). Take Super Bowl XLV, for instance ...

Only 22% of Americans really knew about Arlington before the game and that has not improved. More importantly, Arlington took a hit at the top end of the image scale: 10.2% of Americans initially held very positive opinions of the city and that sank to 5.6% after Super Bowl 45. The percentage of those holding negative impressions of Arlington went from 4.6% to 6.1%, as overall opinion became significantly less positive.
That's from the release that follows. A more in-depth report is due to appear in the Sports Business Journal on February 22.