Open Carry Advocates Marched with Rifles in Arlington, Scared a Moms-against-Guns Group

Open Carry Texas has two main reasons for existing. One is to advocate for the open carry of firearms, which it does primarily by marching around in public wielding rifles and shotguns. The other is to troll liberals, which it does by marching around in public wielding rifles and shotguns. They have done this at the Alamo, at Dealey Plaza, at the courthouse in Southlake, among other locations.

On Friday, they were in Arlington, pausing with their guns to take pictures in front of Cowboys Stadium, Hooters, and the parking lot of the Blue Mesa Grill.

The folks at OCT say it was all part of their weekly Awareness Walk. The four local members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America who were having a meeting inside Blue Mesa took it for an "armed ambush" and stayed in the restaurant until the men left, which they say happened about two hours later.

"These men, armed with semi-automatic rifles, terrified customers and passersby," the group wrote on Facebook.

OCT responded by gently ridiculing the women's fears:

Yes, OCT members held an event near a Moms Demand Action meeting in Arlington. No one was threatened, injured, or killed. That means we proved that guns are not the problem -- criminals and psychos are. We made our point and made sure that no harm came to those gun grabbers so they could exercise their first amendment rights in peace.

Then, they went into full-on troll mode, complete with Willy Wonka, a #thugswithjuggs hashtag, and this lady, with a caption reading, "Here's what a real Mom looks like MDA ..."

MDA has responded by labeling OCT "armed bullies".

Consider the shark jumped.

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