Food News

Swimming with the Fishes

While the last vestige of the Entertainment Collaborative gasps in a big-bucks creditor hunger jungle, restaurateur Mike Hoque, founder of American Limos & Transportation and Go Fish Restaurant & Lounge, has released full-frontal renderings of his upscale-ish Dallas Fish Market restaurant. It's set to take shape in the Kirby Building's Jeroboam remains this April. The illustration's after the jump.

But that's not important now. What is important is that Hoque will open his fast casual Fish Express Seafood Kitchen tomorrow at the northwest corner of Forest Lane and Preston Road. Expect albacore tuna salad melts and Corona beer-battered shrimp po boys, the latter of which contains the only available hooch on the menu, as there doesn't appear to be a licensed Fish Express grog spigot.--Mark Stuertz