From Dallas, a Potentially Killer App For the iPhone -- If You Play Chess

Wired brings what could be big news out of a small start-up in Dallas that has the potential to become a strong player amongst those creating applications for iPhones. Newtoy mays be a new company, but its founders are familiar faces in the gaming industry: As Paul and David Bettner write on their site, the brothers "recently quit their jobs with Microsoft’s Ensemble Studios to follow a lifelong dream of forming their own game studio, and Newtoy Inc. was born. Prior to leaving Ensemble, Paul and Dave worked on the Age of Empires and Age of Mythology series of games, and most recently, Halo Wars."

Their latest game is Chess With Friends, which became available last week and sells for $5. A sneak peek, featuring Paul, is after the jump, but thus far reviews on iTunes have leaned toward euphoric. --Robert Wilonsky