Re: Van the Man?

Some dude named Zac Crain, who's apparently running for mayor (that can't be right), sends this missive concerning yesterday's posting about the Republican National Congressional Committee allegedly pulling a million-dollar ad campaign for Waco-area U.S. House of Representatives candidate Van Taylor that was scheduled, or not, to appear on Dallas TV.

I've heard a lot about that guy because he's running against my parents' beloved Chet Edwards. He "lives" in my former hometown of West, and I use that in quotes because he claims to, but doesn't really--he's there like once every month or two to keep up appearances.

As for the reach of local news, I'm not sure about the CW, but when I was growing up, we had two of every affiliate on our local dial--the D/FW stations and the Waco/Temple stations. And no one ever watched the Waco broadcasts. Everyone knows this, but to give you a sign of their quality, it was a Waco TV reporter (John McLemore) who accidentally tipped off the Branch Davidians. Same station, different guy: During a news update, the anchor totally stopped everything down because he couldn't read the TelePrompTer. He sheepishly apologized and grabbed his glasses. It was awesome.

Peace out playa,


In related "Zc" news, Dallas' Only Daily ran a brief this a.m. about a CD Zac's releasing to raise money for his campaign. It will feature rare and unreleased tracks from the likes of Rhett Miller, Peter Schmidt and his Gentleman Scholars and the Polyphonic Spree--in other words, bands Zac didn't completely alienate during his tenure as the Observer's music editor. What, no Eden Automatic? Dude. --Robert Wilonsky