Billy Jack Ludwig Will Not Be Running for Dallas Mayor Ever Again

Peter Calvin

Laura Miller, planting one on Billy Jack Ludwig way back in the day

There was another notable death mentioned in The Dallas Morning News today, though you'd be forgiven for missing it, as it received but a single line in the paid-for obits buried in Metro: Kenneth Ludwig, better known as perennial Dallas mayoral candidate Billy Jack Ludwig, whose run for office ends at age 86. A woman at Eastgate Funeral Home tells Unfair Park there is no official cause of death yet.

Ludwig, who received 3,510 votes in 1989 and 1,804 when running against Ron Kirk a decade later, ran for mayor even when his name wasn't on the ballot -- like in 2001, when, during a visit to the Asian American Chamber of Commerce, he said to his audience, "I like your women."


As Tim Rogers wrote in the pages seven years ago: "Over the years, Ludwig has made six unsuccessful bids for mayor, spending several hundred dollars in the process, much of it on his trademark 'Billy Jack Ludwig for Mayor' emery boards." A year later, he wrote the Observer to condemn a photo caption that described him as "frequent mayoral candidate/goofball." He referred to former Observer writer Christine Biederman as an "ass hole, prick bitch," which she took as a compliment. --Robert Wilonsky