Aw, Nuts

I think readers of this week's Girl On Top , wherein I parade around town with a gold mouthpiece, will be interested in the following juicy tidbit from Leon, the grill salesman who helped me with my bling. In the article, I note that after my own total lack of mouth grill sterilization, I got a nasty case of tonsillitis. Leon would like you all to know that there is no scientific evidence linking grill-wearage to illness, and he puts it very delicately in the following e-mail (all usage, terminology and grammar is, of course, sic):

"there is some truth to your story but!!!! you are a muthafuckin LIAR!!!!bitch no one has ever came to our shop and said they got an infection from a grill this ad is not good because your putting information out that u cant prove is valid maybe the bacteria came from the nut u sucked the night before"

You got me, Leon. I do love to put my mouth around a big, long pistachio. --Andrea Grimes