Dough to Go

I just checked in with Brooks Love, the city's election manager, who reports he has yet to actually receive Darrell Jordan's campaign finance report, which is due today; when it shows, we'll grab a copy and see who's betting $200,000-plus on the local lawyer, per Pat Cotton's press release this morning. Of the six announced candidates--at least, the six whose treasurers have filed the proper docs with Love at City Hall--only Griffith has turned in his finance report, and he got it in Friday. It says he's got on hand $188,048.95 so far, $100,000 of which is a loan. (He's raised $103,617.80 and spent $38,326.56, more or less. Some of that's also money left over from his council campaign.) Love hopes to have all the docs in hand and scanned by today or tomorrow--if they don't arrive today, they at least need to be postmarked July 17--and online shortly after that, just in case you, like us, are wondering who's giving dough to the would-bes, wannabes and won't-ever-bes. --Robert Wilonsky