Outside City Hall, Marching to the Respectful Beat of Dallas's Top Drumlines

Of council members Dwaine Caraway, Jerry Allen or Tennell Atkins, we're not sure who's a bigger fan of the high school drumline, but this morning in the plaza outside City Hall, the three city officials sure looked ready to wrestle for it.

Speaking to a few rows of guests and flanked by four high school drumlines, they were all fist-bumps and backslaps on the way to announcing the upcoming March for Respect on March 27, a mile-and-a-half march from the West End. "We are here in a united voice to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone," said Sherry Wacasey, Executive Director of The Arc of Dallas.

To help spread the marching spirit, the morning ceremony also included a showcase of Townview, Skyline, Lake Highlands and Adamson High School drumlines, with plenty of jockeying between the suits over who'd be the morning's best team. Caraway made it clear he was a Skyline man, while Allen posed in front of the Lake Highlands squad to show his support. In true sporting spirit, all four of the drumlines walked away with trophies.