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T.D. Jakes Wants Don Imus Fired. He Also Has a New CD He'd Like You to Buy.

Everyone, it seems, has something to say concerning Don Imus' racist remarks last week, which triggered a two-week suspension from both CBS Radio, which carries his talk show, and MSNBC, which simulcasts the gabfest. Even Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter's House has stepped into the mess, yesterday releasing a statement in which he called for Imus' employers to fire the talk-show host:

"The fact remains that Imus' unprovoked racial slurs -- which sadly appear to be part of a personal pattern over the years -- clearly reveal a deeper malignancy of the heart. But it is the lack of immediate and meaningful response by his employer that reveals a deeper cancer in America.

"Press statements and public appearances are mere bandages when someone's daughter is called a whore for fun. True healing will come only when individuals honestly address the root of their remarks, rather than making excuses for them, and only when employers and advertisers in our society respond immediately and decisively."

In related news, Jakes today announced signing a distribution and marketing deal between his Dexterity Sounds recording label and Rhino Entertainment, which is a division of the Warner Music Group. The deal is linked to the release of the Potter's House Choir CD called Grace: The Kenya Experience, was was released March 20 and debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard Gospel Albums sales chart.

The press release also says that in addition to releasing new projects by artists signed to Dexterity Sounds, "the label will also actively develop a gospel music reissue CD series that draws on the music vaults of WMG labels such as Word Records, Elektra, Warner Bros. and Atlantic Records." --Robert Wilonsky