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Roberts: The Big Rewards of Thinking Small

Back in April of last year some Oak Cliff-dwellers introduced that "Think Small" slogan, which was and is intended to counter Dallas's "Live Large, Think Big" motto coughed up by The Richards Group in '04 after six months' worth of focus-grouping. A Friend of Unfair Park points out that on Friday, following up his earlier-in-the-week post on the dangers of big-boxing, Jason Roberts posted to Go Oak Cliff yet another call to (small) arms based upon that pledge, motto, ethos or whatever it is you want to call it. An excerpt:

I don't believe the answer for our city is the mega-church, the big box, the wide thoroughfare, the giant retirement home miles away from the grandkids, the sprawling campus, the massive abstract statue, the megaplex, the monolithic international call center, the never-ending parking lot, the "too big to fail" corporation, the mcMansion, the multi-million dollar loan for the next "big thing", the giant commercial land deal, the imposing government, the enormous hedge fund, or the one-size-fits-all franchise. With time, we've kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger ... and when that big thing inevitably dies, it leaves giant holes throughout our city. ... [And] when each big thing failed, it often created larger rifts that separated us from our ability to connect. To make matters worse, when the big things started dying, we all had to throw in together to try and make them stay alive because it was all we knew.
Read the whole thing here. Preferably, while this plays in the background.