What Do "Rezoning of the Trinity River" Mean, Anyway?

The last briefing item on today's city council agenda is described innocuously as "rezoning of the Trinity River." My understanding is that this is, in fact, the first step in a plan to completely remove zoning questions along the Trinity River from the typical zoning process, at least as far as city staff is concerned. The intent appears to be a kind of parallel process just for owners of land affected by the Trinity River Project.

That could be legitimate. Maybe it's a way to hold a bunch of cards in one hand so they won't get lost. But it could also be a good way for somebody to deal off the bottom of the deck. You worry when somebody asks permission to go out in the hall to shuffle the deck.

Don't expect the city council to break a sweat finding out which this is -- a fair deal or a card trick. As you know, they don't have to play with their own chips. What, them worry? --Jim Schutze