Kickin' it Old School

Word on the MySpace is that a bunch of grown-ups are going to drink tasty drinks (definitely, definitely not "adult" beverages, because that would be oh-so-illegal) in a park on Sunday afternoon and kick a big rubber ball around. Possibly talk some smack, with real curse words. Everything you wanted to do while playing kickball in elementary school but weren't allowed to do.

If the rampant MySpace bulletining on my friend's list is accurate -- and I suspect it is, as the game's organizer, local indie rocker (of Ashburne Glen) Jason Hensel confirms -- the game starts at 4 p.m. at Glencoe Park. All you have to do is show up. Oh, and just like in elementary school, Hensel assures me, "Captains pick their players, just like it was done in grade school with the last person picked usually feeling like crap."

At least now you're old enough to comfort yourself with booze, right? --Andrea Grimes