Photos of Jerry Jones Mid-Grope Are Not the Best Part of the Story

Earlier this morning, a series of photos hit Deadspin ostensibly showing Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones engaged in various stages of sexually suggestive conduct with two unidentified women.

In its initial post, Deadspin asked for help finding the photos' provenance. The apparent story behind the photos, posted a few hours later to the site, is unhinged.

The photos first appeared on the Internet in a tweet by @INFIN8SON, an account apparently belonging to a man named Frank Hoover:

Hoover is reported by Deadspin to be a hanger-on around the edges of the Dallas sports scene. He also claims, in the manifesto he published outlining the story behind the photos, to be the son of God, something he backs up by documenting a mark on his hand.

Hoover claims a man whom he had partnered with in various business ventures took the photos as part of a plot to extort Jones by spreading rumors of the photos to Cowboys players, so "eventually [Jones] would learn about [the photos] and try to stop [their] release."

The key to the story seems to be a 2005 screenplay penned by Hoover:

In 2005, I wrote a movie script about a white cowboy named BJJ (B Jerry Jones) and his black nemesis (Kevion). This script, which I will show you when we meet, describes events related to your extortion Jerry. This is the story I recalled on your birthday in 2013 leading me to send this. There are many more signs and information given to me by God which I am happy to share with you.

Hoover's whole deliriously batty screed, as well as a YouTube video where he claims to make two cars run a red light with his mind, are included below.

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