This Woman is Really Pissed About Us Using "Piss" in a Headline

Eric's post this morning about the shit storm controversy stirred up by Molly Forthright, a columnist for Fort Worth, Texas Magazine who came down firmly against mothers breast feeding their babies in church -- or pretty much anywhere else -- drew the usual pro- and anti-nip commenters. Yeah, we expected that. Lactation is up there with guns and abortion on the hot-button list. All us punks in the office were surprised, though, when we received a voice mail message from a reader who was particularly incensed by Eric's story, "Fort Worth Advice Columnist Pisses off Nursing Moms by Saying Breastfeeding in Church Is Icky," but for a different reason.

We were a little confused at first when she suggested that Forthright maybe should apologize, since Forthright does not work here and everyone at the Observer is very pro-breast, so I called her up to see exactly what had her so angry. Turns out, this lady really didn't like our use of the word "pisses" in the headline, which popped up in the news feed on her Yahoo homepage.

(You can listen to her voicemail




She calls the headline "the worst thing I have seen in a long time" and demands an apology.

"To use that kind of language is simply not right ...I did not believe that some kind of newspaper would put that out there as a headline," she said, wondering if we couldn't be just a little more classy. Obviously not, but we do have some advice for her: Try changing your Yahoo filter settings to "Puritan." They may have that. Dunno, really. Haven't checked out Yahoo since 1998.